Passion Pit at the National

I went to a fair amount of concerts as a kid, like 1200% more than Micah. Maybe because I grew up in a small town and there was less to do? I’m not sure. The first concert I ever went to was the Monkees when I was about 12
It was surprisingly energetic given the age of the members at the time. I loved the feeling of being encompassed by the music, having a whole crowd of people all focused on the same thing.

Micah and I agree on most music, he’s not so fond of country (but he is slowly breaking it in) and I have yet to crack the ‘classic rock’ nut (I haven’t given up hope). One thing we do agree on is Passion Pit, I think their last album ‘Gossimer’ was the sound track to last summer for us. When we heard they were coming to the National, we jumped at the chance.
And while things were a little more crowded that we would have liked (it was a sold out show), we were not disappointed.
The set was gorgeous and they put on a great show
I love it when you hear music at a concert and it sounds the same as it does in your car, it seems more authentic.
Two thumbs waaaay up! Or maybe two hands up in the air? (see what I did there ;))