Passion Pit at the National

I went to a fair amount of concerts as a kid, like 1200% more than Micah. Maybe because I grew up in a small town and there was less to do? I’m not sure. The first concert I ever went to was the Monkees when I was about 12
It was surprisingly energetic given the age of the members at the time. I loved the feeling of being encompassed by the music, having a whole crowd of people all focused on the same thing.

Micah and I agree on most music, he’s not so fond of country (but he is slowly breaking it in) and I have yet to crack the ‘classic rock’ nut (I haven’t given up hope). One thing we do agree on is Passion Pit, I think their last album ‘Gossimer’ was the sound track to last summer for us. When we heard they were coming to the National, we jumped at the chance.
And while things were a little more crowded that we would have liked (it was a sold out show), we were not disappointed.
The set was gorgeous and they put on a great show
I love it when you hear music at a concert and it sounds the same as it does in your car, it seems more authentic.
Two thumbs waaaay up! Or maybe two hands up in the air? (see what I did there ;))

A little under the weather

The weather here in Richmond has yet to make up it’s mind. A nice thing about the quick changes is it makes for some awesome storms. I thought I understood what thunder was before moving to Virginia, boy was I wrong. At times it seems like the sky breaking into pieces. An excess of rain also means lush plant life, sometimes I have to remind myself where I am because it looks like a rainforest.

ImageA couple days ago after a great downpour, I was leaving the store as the sun was setting. The colors were stunning, I drove a couple of blocks over to the Lee monument to snap a pic… Boy was I glad I did!



As I was leaving the intensity of the sky slowly melted


ImageI <3 Richmond




Micah and I had the wonderful opportunity to be invited to Harborfest in Norfolk. When we lived in Fredericksburg Micah’s parents lived in Norfolk, it was nice to have family only a couple hours away (not to mention they lived on the beach!). We made sure to come down as often as we could, believe it or not one of Max’s favorite thing in the world is to run on the beach. It’s the only time I ever see old man Max run :)
Ok, ok, ok Back to business. We arrived a couple hours before dinner so we could check into our hotel and walk around a bit before it got dark.
We were lucky to get a beautiful room on the 9th floor, which means we had a wonderful unblocked view.
Then we headed to the boardwalk
More looking at Naval ships
WP_20130606_026 (In this picture I think Micah was explaining to me what each ship does, he was very detailed)
It was drizzling which ment we had the place pretty much to ourselves
The Tall Ships were out in full force, so fun!
In fact At&t had made arrangements for a group of us to go out on a tall ship the next morning on the ‘Parade of Sail’, unfortunately Hurricane Andrea was barreling up the coast. They ended up canceling the parade :'(
They still treated us to a seafood dinner
WP_20130606_029 (At the bottom of my bib the waiter wrote ‘King Crab’ haha)
And the next morning we enjoyed a hearty breakfast, balloon show (by Katie Balloons, possibly the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen, and wrapped up guy doing very impressive balloon animals. He made Buzz Lightyear wings, a wearable Hulk arm, and then a dachshund for me
After we hung around for a bit but eventually came back, we had a radio remote for the Store to plan! Unfortunately again, since Andrea was still lingering… it was a downpour
But it cleared up by the afternoon and we enjoyed a delightful afternoon.

It was a nice little getaway, even with the rain <3

Well Shoot

Since moving to Richmond I’ve made some great friends, one of those people is none other than Amelia. Have you ever met someone who no matter what they do it’s fabulous? That’s Amelia times 10. She is also an accomplished photographer, you can find her work at

When Amelia rang me and asked if I’d like to participate in a film workshop in DC, I jumped at the chance. Her only request was that we come dressed as a Bride and Groom. Micah and I got married almost 8 years ago, and while my wedding dress will always have a soft spot in my heart, it’s looking a bit dated. In true Amelia fashion, she just so happened to have a dress she was sure would fit. She also explained that there would be about 17 photographers and we’d need to be there from 3-6. I had no idea what to expect, the adventure was on.

It’s a bit uh… warm here in Virginia at the moment. As much as I wanted to wear my hair down, I doubt people wanted to take pictures of some girl with sweaty greasy hair. Updo it is. I did a quick check on pintrest and found something I thought would be reasonable to attempt (since I’d be doing it myself it couldn’t be too fussy), slathered on applied some makeup and we headed up. DC is about 2 hours from Richmond, we crossed our fingers for no traffic. Required selfie (am I the only one who hates that term??) to show off my hard work.

The house where the workshop took place was a former rectory in Dupont Circle. When I say it was impressive, I mean like woah. I wish I had taken a picture, but we were running late so we hustled in. Amelia had laid out a beautiful vintage wedding dress, paired with a silk bib necklace with pearls. It was gorgeous and fit like a glove.
One of Micah’s favorite shows is Mad Men. I was surprised when I put the dress on, how much I looked liked Joan (Christina Hendricks).
I didn’t realize my hair had that much red tone.

Anyway the day of was a whirlwind of ‘Look here’, ‘Now kiss’, ‘Pull her in tight’, ‘Micah Smile!’. By 6:30 my feet were a bit sore, but I’d trade sore feet anytime for an experience like that. It was so fun to be so close and almost intimate with Micah, in front of a big crowd. It was also interesting to see the different styles for each photographer. The workshop was based around using film rather than digital, so sadly we’ll have to wait a bit to see the results. But suspense is half the fun.
Here are some pictures I snagged from instagram. To ensure the photographers got credit for these photos, I took a screen shot that included their screen names. They were all very talented people.. check em out!





I can’t wait to see the real photos!!


When I try to wrap my head around last week, all I can say is woah. I am truly impressed by the out pouring of love and support from our friends and family. For the doctors who worked round the clock, and the patient nurses who were happy to answer all my dumb questions. For Micah who stuck with me, helped me walk when I couldn’t on my own (even in the middle of the night), kept me company and never left me alone.

Many people have asked what happened, ill do my best to explain. Please keep in mind this was a very traumatic and personal experience, please tread softly. This will also be a bit of an overshare, and not a great story for the faint of heart/squeamish. Also, let me point out I’ve never had a problem with anemia, I’ve never been hospitalized and I’m in generally good health. This came out of the crazy blue nowhere.

Friday and Saturday I felt under the weather but nothing strange, I was having my period and it was heavier than normal. I had stayed home alone on Saturday, I spend the day crafting and napping. When Micah got home from work I made dinner and went to bed a bit early.
I had a hard time sleeping and ended up being up most of the night. Sometime around 6:30 I got up to use the restroom, next thing I know Micah is shaking me and yelling my name. Micah said he woke up because I was making zombie noises and gurgling (like when the sink backs up when the dishwasher is running), I was white as a sheet- my lips were the same color as my face, my eyes were wide open but I was unresponsive. When he shook me, I started coming back in and out of consciousness; I remember him on the phone with 911 and I was trying to tell him I was ok ‘I don’t need an ambulance’. He laid me on the floor and made sure my airway was open, I was awake but couldn’t move and it was hard to breathe.
Next thing I know the bathroom is swarmed with EMTs, I hear them say things like ‘I can’t find a pulse’, ‘no blood pressure reading’, and ‘I can’t get any blood’ (for the glucose reading). They put me in a foldable stretcher and hustle me to the ambulance; I’m promptly hooked up to a bunch of machines and an IV was put in and I started getting fluids. I kept asking for Micah and they said he’d meet me at the hospital. They ask me questions like who is president, what the day is, and how many quarters are in a $1.75- which I got wrong.
When I get to the ER, I notice the nurses giving me funny looks. I’m put in a room, more fluids, more machines; I look down at me feet at some point and I see my toes are bone white. Eventually they let Micah back, me try’s to explain to me what had happened. I’m more concerned with a fundraising Spaghetti Dinner we have planned for YW. ‘Make sure they remind the girls! Please call them!’ I plead, Micah try’s to explain to me that I’m in the hospital and I’ve got bigger fish to fry (he did call them, cause he’s awesome like that). My body downs 3 bags of saline by the time the doctor comes back with the test results.
He tells me that I am severely dehydrated and my blood count is low but not low enough for a transfusion (my red blood count was at 8.1 normal is 12+), they are going to monitor me and see if I start to get better with fluids.
I was in the ER for about 8 hours before they admitted me to the hospital, they decided to keep me overnight. Once I’m moved to the hospital room our home teachers came and I get a blessing, she brings me a huge bag of goodies- books, magazines, stationary, nail polish, cookies, you name it. A good pick me up for sure! I had other friends visit, it was so nice to just talk and feel normal for that little bit. Micah was excited cause they’d brough cookies with Oreo middles (these people are desert royalty). Mitch had been at guard, he came in at some point in the evening. It was a huuuuge blessing having him be able to man the store while we were MIA.
I get hardly any sleep, hospitals are scary and my IV hurt, my head was pounding all night. The next morning my blood count plummets to 5.3, I need a transfusion.
The new blood makes my arms very cold, I think to myself that this is Cpt America blood and I’ll be a super hero after this. The transfusion takes about 4 hours, then they retest my blood count. I’m still only at 7.2. I still can’t walk without help, I’m dizzy and lightheaded, I feel my heartbeat in my head. They go ahead and give me another transfusion, since I’ll need to stay another night anyway.
More friend come and visit, I feel so lucky to have so much support. We FaceTime with Micah’s parents in New Zealand, and chat with other family. I’m still very weak and easily winded, but feel a huge improvement with the second transfusion. I no longer look like a twilight character, my color slowly starts to return. A friend brings me a giant burger for dinner, it is delicious!
They put ‘squeezies’ on my legs, I’ve been in bed so long they are worried about clots. They next morning I wake up (I actually got some sleep!) and feel so much better. I can walk on my own, no pounding or dizziness, yippee! My blood count is still only 7.8 (still lower than when I came in) but I’m feeling so much better, they let me go home! My parents arrive that night, to help with my recovery. I still can’t really be alone but I’m moving around ok, just very very slow.
The next couple days are ok, my mom stuffed me with food every chance she could and they crack jokes about ‘grandma steffie’.

A week later I’m still not 100%. I get winded easily and walk slow, head aches happen quickly, and I’m frustrated I can’t get more done. But I feel like I’m making progress.

It was a traumatic weekend for Micah and I, he commented that when he found me Sunday morning her was worried the ambulance wouldn’t be able to get there in time. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it all. That and throwing wild guesses at what my hospital bill might be…. Yikes.

P.s. my Mom helped me big time with the Spaghetti Dinner, it went great!

Hey girl

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you skip over this post.

Have you guys seen those ‘Hey Girl’ memes? I personally think they are hilarious


So I whipped up a couple of my own






Happy Valentines Day!

I surprised ?micah first thing in the morning with a little V-Day scavenger hunt. I sent him picture texts accompanied by a ‘Come find me’

Sadly Micah was sick-as-a-dog, but he was a good sport and even managed to find everything without any clues.

Something that I love about Richmond is the plethora of restaurants, the hard part is choosing which to try. Over the summer we made a rule to never eat at the same place twice, which is actually a harder rule than it sounds. To help (and because I thought it was clever), I made Micah and I this

I filled it with 50 restaurants we have never been to, with only the name/address/phone number. No more of that ‘what do you want to eat?’ ‘I dunno, what do you want?’,we just pick a page and go!

I included stickers in the back, once we try a place we mark a sticker with the date :)


Speaking of, Micah treated me to a romantic dinner at Stella’s, I had delicious filet with Dijon sauce and Micah had a seafood moussaka. They even gave us complimentary chocolate covered strawberries, yum-o.

After Mitch got off work we headed to the Byrd for a showing of Bridemaids

If you brought a receipt from a Carytown merchant they let you sit on the balcony!

Fancy pants

On a slightly different subject, I am in love with my new phone. I took these in low lighting with no no editing afterwards!


Laughs were had, snuggles were enjoyed, it was a good day